Portland & the Oregon Coast

My schedule this month is going to be a little hectic (well, that’s an understatement) but it is most certainly going to be a great month of trips and adventure.

First stop… Portland.

After a long flight from D.C. and a couple of episodes of Portlandia to get me in the mood, I couldn’t wait to see Rory and enjoy four days in a city I hadn’t yet explored. I met Rory at University when she did a year abroad in 2008/9 and we became besties instantly. In the years since leaving university, we’ve managed to keep in touch so it’s always amazing when we get to see each other again. Rory had an action-packed itinerary planned with hiking, beach visits and exploring the City, so I knew it would be lots of fun.

seaside beach.jpg


Portland is one of the most unique cities that I have visited in America.  It is compact, quirky and super easy to get around. Everyone was friendly and the food was delicious (though the portion sizes were a little bit on the HUGE side). The heart of the city is downtown around Pioneer Square. It is a great place to shop, but we spent our time hanging out in the square and just wandering around. Unfortunately, due to the fires in the south it was really hazy so the pictures didn’t come out too well.

portland 6

portland 8

portland 5

portland 10

Tillamook Head

tillamook 1

I am obsessed with pretty views so this was a must do on the way to the beach house. Tillamook Head Trail is located at the south end of Seaside. The beautiful Forrest, the sound of the wildlife and rain hitting the trees made for the perfect muddy, midday voyage. The drizzle followed us throughout the hike, though I guess this gave us the unexpected benefit of a cool, less humid hike. On our way up, we bumped into a man heading back to the ground who’d told us about a fallen down tree resembling a cliff just off the trail, so we had lots of fun exploring! We danced our way up the trail and took lots of photos that you can check out below. As long as you keep your footing and keep an eye out for those muddy spots you will most definitely enjoy the trail.

tillamook 13

tillamook 14


tillamook 5

tillamook 4

tillamook 2

After losing our minds exploring the Forrest we headed to the beach house for a rest before heading back out to explore the coast for dinner.


Cannon beach

Our first stop was Cannon Beach, an artsy coastal village. Cannon Beach is located 200 miles southwest of Seattle. I immediately regretted not taking a jumper as it was absolutely FREEZING.  I couldn’t believe that it was this cold in August, although when you’re catching up with a friend that you don’t see all too often, it doesn’t really matter so much. I went to a cute little tourist shop, bought myself a hoody and enjoyed some delicious fresh salmon.


Hug point

This beach was spectacular despite the weather’s quite uncooperative conditions. Whilst it wasn’t cold, the fog dramatically clung to the sky in the distance. There were so many hidden caves and sneaky hideaways so it meant that we could find a more secluded spot for our picnic. I would probably say that it is best to visit at low tide as I can imagine it is very easy to become stranded if the tide is strong.

hug point 17

hug point 11

hug point 16


hug point 15

hug point 14

hug point 19

hug point 18

hug point 20

hug point 21

hug point 12

hug point 10


The next morning we went for breakfast in a small town called Astoria. While Astoria is a small town, it has some massive sights, including the Columbia bar where the river meets the Pacific Ocean and the HUGE Astoria-Megler Bridge. You may have heard of Astoria as it has hosted films such as the Goonies, Kindergarten cop and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 to name a few. It has elements of beauty mixed with industry so it was really cool and pretty to see.

seaside 7

seaside 8

seaside 9

seaside 10


hug point 7

hug point 6

hug point 3

hug point 5

We had the best time visiting Portland and the Oregon Coast. We wandered miles of sand, ate picnics on the beach and took advantage of our non-existent to-do list. It was the perfect time to relax with my best girl and explore places that I’ve not seen.

I am absolutely loving getting to crack open my passport to hop on planes and visit such lovely places with lovely people. This week I’ll be heading to Orlando and will be sure to take lots of pictures to share with you!

Claire xx

Parties, pampering and pools

Claire here with a bit of an update of my time in D.C. 🙂

carra party

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here a month already. The trip so far has been filled with more amazing times than I could have hoped for and I’ve a month of travelling to Portland, Orlando and New Orleans left so I’m really excited for the month ahead.

One thing that I’ve realised more and more since being here is that trying to act in a way that others will be happy with and believing that people care a great deal about what you say or do is usually somewhat counter productive when it comes to enjoying your life. Whilst I’m the main character in my story, that can’t be said to be the same in others lives. That’s one of the main reasons that I decided to carry on writing my story the way that I wanted it to be this summer. No matter what it might be, I really believe that everyone should think about how you can fit more of what you love doing into not only the rest of summer but the rest of 2017.

I’ll leave you with some photographs of what I’ve been up to the last couple of days 🙂


  1. Batchlorate party, Service Bar, D.C. 

We reserved ‘the snug’ which is the private room attached to the bar with a window directly to the bartender. We had their ‘Cocktailery Menu’  which had included 2 cocktails for each person. The first course of drinks was a champagne cocktail each for the group followed by two courses of a variety of different cocktails for everyone to share.

party 7

party 9

party 12

party 14

party 15

party 16

party 17

party 18


2. Pampering

3. Caribbean Pool Party

carra 5

carra 1

carra 8

carra 2

carra 8.png